Many pet owners become anxious when we ask to examine their pet in the back. You may become concerned about leaving your four-legged friend, but we hope by explaining the reasons why we prefer to examine patients here.

What is the back?

At the Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice, our Neurology/Neurosurgery Service has a spacious, treatment room dedicated to our patients. This large room is located away from the hustle and bustle of the remainder of our clinic.

There are several reasons we prefer to examine patients in the back:

It alleviates stress.
Dogs and cats can become stressed around their owners. The reason being they are protective of you and feed off your anxiety. Removing this stress can be comforting to your pet and our personnel.

It contains helpful people.
At the Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice, our Neurology/Neurosurgery department has a dedicated team of caring professionals who are highly skilled at the proper handling of dogs and cats. Over the years, we’ve learned appropriate restraint decreases the stress placed on your pet and keeps our personnel safe.

There is more room.
Our treatment area is open and easy-to-clean. The neurologic examination requires a good deal of maneuvering on the part of both the patient and the neurologist, and our examination rooms are too small to easily accomplish this.

There is easy access to outside.
A complete neurologic examination starts with a gait analysis. Often this is performed outdoors, located adjacent to the back, which allows the neurologist to challenge or aid animals with various terrains.

It is quiet.
Before the neurologic examination, the neurologist will perform a complete physical examination. This includes careful listening to the heart and lungs, requiring a quiet environment.


It is comfortable.
The back contains examination tables with comfortable surfaces for our cat and small dog patients, as well as gym mats for our large dog patients. Our treatment area is also temperature controlled—some of our examination rooms with large windows can get chilly or warm, depending on the weather outside. These accommodations provide for a comfortable examination experience for both our patients and our personnel.


It contains necessary examination equipment.
We have everything necessary for full examinations and outpatient treatments in the back, right within arms’ reach.

Please rest assured that while we are in the back we are treating your pets in the same loving manner we treat our own.