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Experts in surgical neurology of the spine.

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What people are saying

Dr. Born performed an exploratory surgery on my 8 month golden doodle and found a corn cob in her stomach. the surgery went well and i felt she was in excellent care. When I took her bandage off 3 days later the incision was perfect. Performed by a real expert! The directions I was given helped me nurse my puppy back to perfect. This was a very traumatic ordeal for my pet and I. The compassion that was shown to us was phenomenal. Dr. Born can do surgery on me any day!
C. Miller

What an AWESOME group of special, caring Healthcare providers for our furry kids. Our Riley had a very bad fractured leg and elbow and this team jumped in and planned for a very extensive, surgical procedure the very next day. They have been professional and caring – and I mean – SINCERELY caring and professional in the manner they conducted themselves. From the front staff, the overnight staff, right through to Dr. Noone who took the time to explain all that we need to know in plain simple terms. THANK YOU so much for your constant follow-up and calls to check in and the care you show not only towards your patient but to us, the scared witless, clueless furry kid parents! 🙂
Del Joubert

The team who supported Bella’s post op rehab were nothing less than stellar! Jonna, Lynna & Dr. Amy were great! Jonna did an exceptional job explaining everything to me and helped me understand where Bella was in her rehab process throughout. She was understanding of my limitations and helped me come up with a plan to help Bella indoors. She is a truly caring person & treated Bella with compassion. The entire team was great, motivational to a more mature, generally sedentary dog! I am grateful for the support, guidance & generosity of spirit. We were lucky to have you take us through this journey. I am thrilled to say Bella is back to normal and happily playing again with me and her brother, Max! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys are the BEST!
Jeanine Restivo