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The team who supported Bella's post op rehab were nothing less than stellar! Jonna, Lynna & Dr. Amy were great! Jonna did an exceptional job explaining everything to me and helped me understand where Bella was in her rehab process throughout. She was understanding of my limitations and helped me come up with a plan to help Bella indoors. She is a truly caring person & treated Bella with compassion. The entire team was great, motivational to a more mature, generally sedentary dog! I am grateful for the support, guidance & generosity of spirit. We were lucky to have you take us through this journey. I am thrilled to say Bella is back to normal and happily playing again with me and her brother, Max! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys are the BEST! Jeanine Restivo

I cannot say enough good things about Atlanta Animal Rehab & Fitness. Every single person at Rehab was great. They truly love and care for the pets that come to them. My little dog, Annie, had a spinal cord stroke in March of 2018. Her hind quarters were completely paralyzed. Fortunately, I was able to get her in at Rehab immediately for several months of water treadmill and acupuncture therapy. In addition to the therapy at Rehab, I was trained how to do therapy at home. It was not passive therapy such as passive range of motion but rather active therapy that required Annie to work to bend her legs and move from laying to sitting to standing. Jonna knew exactly how to access Annie's condition and prognosis and to have her get the most benefit out of the treadmill therapy and at home therapy. Dr. Amy did acupuncture therapy. She is one of the kindest (and less "profit motivated") vets I have met. Annie still has no feeling in her hind quarters, but she gets around like a champ. I attribute her mobility and love for life to Rehab. Judy Xlave

We are very pleased with the progress Dixi has made over the course of her initial treatment plan. She is more active at home and appears to be in less pain. You have an excellent facility combined with an expert and very caring staff. Thank you for helping Dixie and for contributing to her quality of life!! Jana Kicklighter