I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Noone. He did a TPLO surgery on Mabel’s knee last year and it went perfectly. We are now getting ready to have the same surgery done on the opposite knee. Mabel has several other medical conditions, but Dr. Noone is going above and beyond to get Mabel healthy enough to undergo this second surgery.
Amanda Roland

After a mass was detected on my dog’s liver using ultrasound by my primary veterinarian, I requested a referral for a consultation with a VRSP veterinarian. VRSP was able to get us in within a few days to evaluate our dog, Taz and suggested further diagnostics to better understand his condition. The entire staff at VRSP is focused on providing the highest customer care. If you need to see a veterinary specialist, they seem to realize that there is a lot of stress and concern. They do everything in their power to make you feel welcome and cared for. Dr. Born is exceptional – for our first appointment, she and the technician sat on the floor in the exam room and played with and made a fuss over Taz which totally put him at ease. Her exam was thorough and her diagnostic plan was a good one. I appreciate her concern for Taz.
Debra Mayson

Dr. Born performed an exploratory surgery on my 8 month golden doodle and found a corn cob in her stomach. the surgery went well and i felt she was in excellent care. When I took her bandage off 3 days later the incision was perfect. Performed by a real expert! The directions I was given helped me nurse my puppy back to perfect. This was a very traumatic ordeal for my pet and I. The compassion that was shown to us was phenomenal. Dr. Born can do surgery on me any day!
C. Miller

What an AWESOME group of special, caring Healthcare providers for our furry kids. Our Riley had a very bad fractured leg and elbow and this team jumped in and planned for a very extensive, surgical procedure the very next day. They have been professional and caring – and I mean – SINCERELY caring and professional in the manner they conducted themselves. From the front staff, the overnight staff, right through to Dr. Noone who took the time to explain all that we need to know in plain simple terms. THANK YOU so much for your constant follow-up and calls to check in and the care you show not only towards your patient but to us, the scared witless, clueless furry kid parents! 🙂
Del Joubert

The team who supported Bella’s post op rehab were nothing less than stellar! Jonna, Lynna & Dr. Amy were great! Jonna did an exceptional job explaining everything to me and helped me understand where Bella was in her rehab process throughout. She was understanding of my limitations and helped me come up with a plan to help Bella indoors. She is a truly caring person & treated Bella with compassion. The entire team was great, motivational to a more mature, generally sedentary dog! I am grateful for the support, guidance & generosity of spirit. We were lucky to have you take us through this journey. I am thrilled to say Bella is back to normal and happily playing again with me and her brother, Max! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys are the BEST!
Jeanine Restivo

I cannot say enough good things about Atlanta Animal Rehab & Fitness. Every single person at Rehab was great. They truly love and care for the pets that come to them. My little dog, Annie, had a spinal cord stroke in March of 2018. Her hind quarters were completely paralyzed. Fortunately, I was able to get her in at Rehab immediately for several months of water treadmill and acupuncture therapy. In addition to the therapy at Rehab, I was trained how to do therapy at home. It was not passive therapy such as passive range of motion but rather active therapy that required Annie to work to bend her legs and move from laying to sitting to standing. Jonna knew exactly how to access Annie’s condition and prognosis and to have her get the most benefit out of the treadmill therapy and at home therapy. Dr. Amy did acupuncture therapy. She is one of the kindest (and less “profit motivated”) vets I have met. Annie still has no feeling in her hind quarters, but she gets around like a champ. I attribute her mobility and love for life to Rehab.
Judy Xlave

We are very pleased with the progress Dixi has made over the course of her initial treatment plan. She is more active at home and appears to be in less pain. You have an excellent facility combined with an expert and very caring staff. Thank you for helping Dixie and for contributing to her quality of life!!
Jana Kicklighter

After 6 weeks of rehabilitation, out Heidi is acting like her normal self. Jonna constructed a plan that was extremely effective at the facility and at home. Heidi became stronger in no time. We are extremely grateful to Jonna for her caring nature, expertise, detailed plans, and her insight on preventing Heidi from another injury. THANK YOU!!
Elke & Dan Monahan

AARF has been awesome! They are so kind and gentle, it’s very obvious that they are passionate about what they do. They really helped Spike gain some strength & mobility back. I would highly recommend them!
Susie Wagner

Our sweet pit bull Juliet tore her ACL and had to have a TPLO surgery to repair it. She is doing absolutely amazing and it is like the injury never happened. Everyone at Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice is amazing and they made us feel so comfortable. The surgery and rehab were explained so well to us. Hopefully Juliet will never need surgery again, but if she does we are 100% taking her to Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice. Thank you all for taking great care of our sweet girl.

From our initial consultation with Dr Noone, surgery to correct Marvin’s patella, physical therapy & post recovery our experience with Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice & Atlanta Animal Rehabilitation & Fitness has been a positive & rewarding experience. I would recommend both the surgical center & pet “physical therapy” for any one who is facing surgery or rehab for their 4-legged friends!
Ellen Heald

In 2017 an adorable two-year-old Pomeranian came to Big Canoe Animal Rescue (BCAR). Percy had a useless hind leg due to an old break that was never treated. We decided to fund the surgery necessary to fix this break. Our vet referred us to Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice (VRSP). Doctor Little did Percy’s surgery, and it was a success. This charming two-year-old Pomeranian has since been adopted. He is now leading a normal, and healthy, life with his loving forever family. We at BCAR thank you Doctor Little, and Percy thanks you. You truly love the animals you treat, and it shows.
Big Canoe Animal Rescue

We’ve seen Dr. Flier twice now for our dog Lucy, once for a TPLO and more recently when a mass was discovered on her liver. Both times, Dr. Flier and his staff were incredibly kind, keeping us informed during and after surgery! Dr. Flier found two more masses during surgery, and he took the time to explain next possible steps. I can’t stress enough how thorough and kind he was answering our questions and never making us feel rushed. Once she cleared post op, Lucy went back to being a dog! We are incredibly grateful for the excellent care you gave Lucy and the kindness and understanding you showed to us. Debbie and Jeff Ulmer
Debbie and Jeff Ulmer

My 11 year old Bonnie, a Boston Terrier had a lipoma (my local vet could not diagnose so referred us to these people). Large lipoma on rear right thigh that was causing nerve damage. Dr. Waggner was absolutely wonderful from start to finish. incision was approximately 4 inches and never gave my Bonnie a bit of a problem. Following the instructions by Dr. Waggner, Bonnie healed quickly and with very little discomfort. Great staff, caring staff. Everyone we dealt with was super nice and took a personal interest in our Bonnie. Many thanks to you all!

Many thanks to Dr. Filer, his wonderful nurse, Liz, and the entire staff for the exceptional care they gave Annie, our three year old Pekingese. On March 9, 2017, Dr. Filer performed surgery to repair a luxating patella Six weeks later, we have a happy, pain free dog. The entire experience, from initial consultation to our last post-surgical visit was outstanding. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice to any pet owner in need of your services.

My Pomeranian had to have surgery to repair both a cruciate tear as well as a luxating patella. I was very concerned, but Dr. Filer could not have been more patient, personable and knowledgeable. He put my mind at ease and answered all my questions. The front office staff (Lynna and Diana) as well as the techs (Kelly) and nurses (Liz) were more than pleasant and kind. Each of them, in their own way, showed compassion, empathy and genuine care for me and my baby boy. My experience with the Roswell office was in one word, stellar and I would highly recommend VRSP to anyone.

Our Persian was treated by Dr. Wagner for a badly broken foot and leg requiring her to make a custom plate, two securing pins and a bone graft. She is outstanding in per professionalism and expertise. After a 10 week recovery period our cat is doing well and chasing his fellow felines. WE highly recommend this facility and Dr. Wagner, 5 stars each. I highly recommend them to all.
Graham Andoe

A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Dunn (Pine Mountain Veterinary) for their compassionate quality of care given and referral to Dr. Wagner. We are thankful for the diagnosis of our dog’s tumor and taking such great care of Patch during the big surgery. We are so grateful to Dr. Wagner and the entire staff at VRSP. Our dog, Patch, is looking and feeling great.
Ms. O’Brien

I want to thank you Dr. Little and your staff for taking such great care of Bella. I sincerely appreciate everything you have done for her and me – answering all of my questions and patiently listening to my concerns. This was one of the scariest things we have had to go through and you all made it so much easier. Thank you all!

Mia had a sarcoma removed from her chest area and now she’s doing great!
Donna Heinzelmann

Dr. Filer was recommended by my regular veterinarian as one of the best. We have to agree that Dr. Filer and his staff are absolutely incredible.
Christel & Bernie Wolf

Boomer is doing great – thank you so much for all you did for him. The team at your practice is top notch.
Kyle Holbrook

I would like to advise of my interaction with Dr. Born and Veterinary Referral Surgical.

I am over 60 yrs old and have had pets my entire life. My recent dog, Halo had some serious infection in her leg recently. I took her to my vet but she continued to get worse. I was worried. She is like my family and I call her my Baby Girl. I contacted Dr. Born’s office and knowing how busy all vets are I did not want her getting worse over time. Dr. Born saw her the same day ( I’m sure she was very busy) and gave me some options which now her leg appears to be healing . I am so grateful that there are some doctors that will take the extra time to evaluate our loved ones. I cannot thank them enough.

David Aderhold

Due to Covid I cannot rate some of these items as we were not allowed access to the inside of the building but your organization utilizing your parking spaces and calling in worked very well. I waited less than 5 minutes before a tech came out to get Sheamus and the doctor called very soon after that.

Dr. Filer explained everything so well. The fact that you were able to schedule his surgery the very next day was really wonderful. The tumor was growing so rapidly and had to be very uncomfortable for him. You put his well being at the top of the list and it is obvious that you care greatly for both your furry patients and their parents.

Liz was awesome. She answered every question I had and explained everything so well. I left knowing exactly what was expected of me to aid in Sheamus’ successful recovery.

My experience could not have been better. I am so thankful to the staff at Animal Dermatology in Marietta for recommending VRSP to me. You really are the best of the best!

What a special group of caring Veterinary providers for our fur persons. Sheamus had a very fast growing tumor between his toes that was oozing and huge. Dr. Filer and his staff jumped in and planned for a surgical procedure the very next day. Their caring and professional manner is top notch. Everyone , from the front staff to the doctor’s themselves, had me feeling that I had brought my little buddy to the right place. I had to drive an hour from McDonough to get there and it was well worth every mile. Everything, from your follow-up to your thank you card told me how much you care for not only your furry patients but for me as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your have done for us! You are all AWESOME!
Georgia McFadden

I can’t say enough about the exceptional treatment my dog and I received. Dr. Little is a gem, and the staff is bar none. They went above and beyond in every way to make sure that my girl recovered from her surgery. It was a complicated recovery, and the entire team was supportive throughout. This practice is outstanding!!! I will be forever grateful.
Velika Brown