Spinal Neurosurgery

The VRSP Surgery, Neurology and Rehabilitation Center in Roswell is a unique facility that combines advanced diagnostic imaging with the expertise of our surgeons. Many neurological conditions of the spine can be diagnosed and treated medically; however, when surgery is needed, you can rest assured VRSP provides the complete continuum of care from injury to recovery including spinal imaging, surgery and on-site rehabilitation. All consultations begin with a thorough understand of your pet’s history, along with a complete physical exam. Diagnosis and treatment options are fully explored to ensure the best outcome for your pet.

Among the neurologic issues we diagnose and treat:


· Intervertebral disc disease

· Weakness, paralysis and or otherwise abnormal gait

· Intervertebral disk herniation (medical and surgical treatment)

· Spinal trauma

· Degenerative myelopathy

· Fibrocartilaginous embolism

· Atlantoaxial subluxation

· Lumbosacral stenosis

· Spinal tumors