What’s the cost of certain procedures? What does the pricing include?

Each patient is different and there are typically several options available for diagnostics and treatment. We give estimates for general procedures and will discuss all options with you, along with associated costs, so you can weigh all options. If you have questions, please call us. Estimates are given during consultation and include rechecks and six-week radiographs for orthopedic cases, plus a one-year check up and radiographs when indicated. Overnight fees vary per need.

How soon can my pet see the surgeon?

We can provide most emergency surgeries same day. Elective procedures are typically scheduled after consultation and in some cases may be performed the same day based on availability and emergency caseload. Our surgeon will discuss availability with you at the time of consultation to see what best fits your schedule and your pet’s needs.

Is my pet going to have surgery the same day?

We typically perform the evaluation and diagnostics on the initial visit and surgery shortly afterward. Emergencies are prioritized over elective procedures. Same-day surgery may be possible in some elective procedures and is based on availability.

What is involved in the post-op care?

Most pets will stay overnight following the procedure for post-operative pain management and care. All our locations provide overnight care from a veterinarian trained in post-operative pain management. Home care following surgery will vary by case and procedure. As a general guideline, orthopedic cases are typically confined to a large crate or small room with leash walks for six to eight weeks. Non-orthopedic cases may only require two weeks confinement. Most pets will need to wear a restrictive collar (Elizabethan collar or Bite Not collar) for 10-14 days to prevent licking the surgery site, which can lead to infection.

Is my dog going to be in a bandage? How long will they have a bandage?

This varies widely based on the procedure, age, size and personality of the patient. This is something our doctors will discuss with you at the time of consultation.

Is my dog going to have stitches?

Sutures are placed under the skin and will dissolve with time. Frequently, sutures are placed externally in the skin as well. This will vary on an individual basis.

How can I reduce my pet’s stress during recovery?

We strongly advise getting your pet ready for post-operative confinement by introducing him or her to the confined area before the surgery. This will reduce anxiety by familiarizing them with the post-op space. Most pets adapt quickly, but if your pet is very anxious or hyperactive, tell our doctors and they can discuss medications for relief from anxiety or a mild tranquilizer to help reduce stress.

How can I reach you after hours?

Non-emergency messages can be left on our voice mail to be returned the following business day. Our staff checks messages over the weekends. If you have an emergency, please take your pet to the closest emergency clinic listed below and let them know your pet is under our care.

Animal Emergency Center of North Fulton

900 Mansell Rd, Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: (770) 594-2266

Cobb Emergency Veterinary Clinic

630 Cobb Parkway N., Marietta, GA 30062
Phone: (770) 424-9157

How can we reach the overnight doctor?

Owners with pets hospitalized after surgery will be called by our overnight doctor between 9:00 – 9:30 p.m.

Does my pet really have to wear the E-collar all the time?

We strongly recommend wearing the E-collar or other restrictive collar at all times for the first 10-14 days to prevent licking the incision, which can cause complications.

What time can I expect to have my pet discharged?

Discharge typically occurs the day after surgery. In more complicated cases patients may have longer hospital stays.

My dog has not pooped yet. What should I do?

Due to a decreased appetite, anesthesia and post-op pain medications, some pets may not defecate for three to five days following surgery. If you pet does not defecate by the fifth day, please call us. Please contact us if your pet has not urinated within 24 hours of surgery.

When will my pet’s appetite get back to normal?

Appetite may be absent or depressed for several days post operatively. If your pet is not eating by the third day after surgery, please contact us.

My pet’s surgical area looks bruised. Is that reason for concern?

Bruising is not unusual post operatively. If you are concerned or it is excessive please call our office. There should be no discharge from the incision.

My dog’s bandage is dirty, wet, chewed, etc. What do I do?

Please call us if your pet’s bandage becomes dirty, wet or has been chewed. These situations can cause damage to the underlying limb and should be evaluated as soon as possible to avoid injury.

Where is physical rehabilitation available?

We currently offer physical rehabilitation at our associated physical rehabilitation practice Atlanta Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness at VRSP Center for Surgery, Neurology and Rehabilitation in Roswell.

Do you perform total hip replacement?

We are not currently offering total hip replacement.