Your satisfaction is important to the entire team at Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice. Please take a moment to give us your feedback.

Access to care

  1. Were we able to accommodate your appointment needs in a timely manner?
  2. When you called to make your appointment was your call answered promptly?
  3. Was your experience making an appointment easy?
  4. Was information provided about your appointment informative and helpful?

During your visit

Poor Fair Good Excellent
1. Your expericence at check-in can be described as...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
2. The courtesy of our staff at check-in can be described as...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
3. Comfort and pleasantness of our waiting area...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
4. Length of wait before going to exam room...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
5. Comfort and pleasantness of exam room...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
6. Friendliness and courtesy of the Technician...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
7. Waiting time in exam room before seeing Doctor...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent

Your visit with the doctor

Poor Fair Good Excellent
1. Friendliness and courtesy of the Doctor...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
2. The explanantion of the problem or condition was...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
3. Treatment options were explained satisfactorily to you...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
4. Instructions for post surgery care were explained thoroughly...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
5. The amount of time the Doctor spent with you was...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
6. Likelihood of recommending the Doctor to others...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent

Post surgery

Poor Fair Good Excellent
1. You were kept informed by the staff post-surgery...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
2. Discharge instructions were explained clearly...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
3. Written discharge instructions were clear and thorough...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
4. You were made to feel comfortable to ask questions...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
5. Your questions were answered to your satisfaction...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent

Overall assessment

Poor Fair Good Excellent
1. Convenience of our office hours...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
2. Overall cheerfulness of our practice...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
3. Overall cleanliness of our practice...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
4. The overall level of care your pet received...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent
5. Overall experience with VRSP...  Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent